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Donations to the Poor During Christmas 1774

Lene Dræby Kottal, Certified Genealogist®
Donations to the Poor During Christmas 1774

The image above is the title page of the Copenhagen newspaper Kiøbenhavns Kongelig alene priviligerede Adresse-Contoirs Efterretninger on 23 December 1774, and below is a snippet from that newspaper where it says the following:

Mr. Agent Holck shall please per his usual kindness facilitate the distribution of the enclosed 10 Rdl. [Rigsdaler] among the poor sick and bedridden persons, so that the neediest can enjoy some warmth and pleasure during the coming Christmas holidays.

Snippet from a Danish newspaper in 1774

Who was Agent Holck?

Agent Holck, who received and distributed the donations, was Hans Holck, who owned the newspaper until 1773. Holck had a finger in every pie and had ended up in financial difficulties. He sold the newspaper to raise funds. Unfortunately, it was too late and he went bankrupt.

As the 1774 newspaper notice shows, Holck's bankruptcy did not stop him. He continued to collect and distribute gifts to the poor, even though he was now poor himself. Per a biography (in Danish) about Holck, he saw it as his task in life to help other people.

Who donated to the poor?

The newspaper lists numerous donations leading up to Christmas, but most of the donors were anonymous – at least in this newspaper. I have seen named donors in other newspapers.

Perhaps you should search the index of the Danish online newspapers to see whether your Danish ancestors donated to the poor during Christmas. If you find anything interesting, I would love to hear about it on my Facebook page.