Over the years I have helped several people finding their Danish roots with satisfying results. Here are the testimonials of some of my former clients.

“Lene has assisted me with a number of Danish research projects over a period of several years. She has been a great help and has been able to sort out several difficult issues and extend several of my lines. Her approach is very meticulous and thoughtful and she always provides complete documentation. She has an extensive knowledge of many different historical records that I never even knew existed. She was able to locate information on my ancestors, even when the traditional parish registers were no longer in existence. I always felt that I received great value for the research investment I made.”
— B. Sorensen, California, United States
“Lene did some family research for me. We wrote a letter to the person she had found. He in turn sent it to my second cousin who was also doing some of our family research. She helped me find my cousin still living in Denmark. She too was happy to have found him because the family had lost touch. Last year we visited Denmark for the first time and visited our family there. It was so overwhelming and emotional… I also visited the places where my father was born, went to school etc. I walked in the footsteps of my ancestors. I am so grateful.”
— A. V., United States
“After ten plus years of searching I had only been able to find two or three generations of my Danish lines beyond my Grandfather. Then I found Lene. With her knowledge of records, sources and handwriting she was able to find several generations that I would have never found and documented them. I wish I had found her much sooner. Her knowledge and perseverance are wonderful.”
— D. Eriksen, United States

Need help finding your Danish roots?

I start all my projects by making a free planning call. If we reach an agreement, I send a contract for the project. You are not obliged to accept the contract, so you have nothing to lose by booking a call.

“Lene can break through that brick wall that has stopped you from learning about your Danish ancestry. She is meticulous about recording sources and is a genius at translating and interpreting impossible to read old hand written records. Lene kept me posted often on her search results and really knows her stuff. Thank you for the fantastic work, your efforts have been enjoyed by the whole family (even if my grandmother was not descended from Danish Royalty) and many generations to come.”
— Katherine Lostan, United States
“Without Lene Dræby Kottal’s wealth of in-depth knowledge about Danish records and her expertise in finding the ones relevant to my ancestors, I would never have been able to trace my Danish origins. Because I have no understanding whatsoever of the Danish language or record-keeping system I was at a complete loss until I found Lene. Until I connected with her I was merely groping in the dark, sometimes working with erroneous family lore. She quickly found the correct records of my great-grandparents and then was able to go back several generations beyond. She thoroughly explained each type of civil and religious record. I recommend her most highly to anyone who is seeking documentation concerning their Danish roots. Lene’s complete mastery of English makes communication with her easy and enables her to explain clearly what all the records mean.”
— Timothy Scanlan, Naples, Florida, United States
“Lene Kottal has done an exemplary job in researching and documenting my Danish ancestry. Between the initial “I need some help” to the final product there were a series of projects that uncovered more and more insight into my ancestry. Each step of the way was a collaboration between me and the options that Lene provided. Lene truly has a gift for researching genealogy. But the real gift is the final ancestry document or report. Professional quality in every aspect. The report follows a logical path of all documented findings. It is well organized, easy to read and understand. It truly is an heirloom. Thank you Lene.”
— Nissen, The United States