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Can you retrieve a copy of a specific record for me?

In many cases, copies of records can be made, but it depends on the type of document and when it was made.
For record retrieval projects, there is no requirement for a minimum order, but it is required that you know specifically which record it is, which authority or organization created it, page or file number, or any other specifics , so that no research is needed to locate the record.
Access restrictions apply to some documents. If access to the document in question is restricted by law, Lene Dræby Kottal can assist you with an application for access.
In some cases, a document cannot be retrieved. Except in Southern Jutland, the Church of Denmark is responsible for the civil registration of births and deaths in parish registers, aka church books. Certificates are made on the basis of the minister's book, which is kept by the church for 110 years. Except for legal purposes, the church is not obligated to issue certificates to someone other than the listed person himself/herself. You are therefore not entitled to receive a birth certificate for someone else. When researching Danes, the listing in the parish register is used to document a birth, because certificates about others can usually not be obtained. If the minister's book has been transferred to The Danish National Archives, you can request a certificate from there, but they can turn down the request depending on various factors.
If you are interested in hiring Lene to retrieve a specific record, please send all known details about the record, and then she will send you information about the availability of the record, and how to proceed to obtain a copy, if possible.

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