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Supplik means Application to the King - Danish Genealogy Words

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Supplik means Application to the King - Danish Genealogy Words

The Danish word supplik means application to the King.

An application to the King could be for anything, but those mostly used by genealogists are applications for permission to be married despite being too closely related and applications to have a will approved.

Record Series Regarding Supplikker - Applications to the King

Few of the original letters are extant because the letter was usually returned to the applicant along with the response. Three types of records are most relevant in this context:

  1. When the Chancery received a supplik on a behalf of the King, a copy or abstract thereof was written into a supplikprotokol (book of applications to the King). In that record book, it was noted whether the request was granted or not.
  2. Copies of the responses for granted requests were written into books called registre aka åbne breve (open letters).
  3. Record series named "Koncepter og indlæg til ... registre" contain documents related to the applications, such as drafts for the response, attachments to the original application, affidavits, etc.

Beware that separate books of responses were kept for separate parts of the country, so there are

  • Fynske registre for Funen
  • Sjællandske registre for Zealand, Lolland-Falster, and Bornholm
  • Jyske registre for Jutland
  • For some years the books for Funen also covered Smaaland in Sweden and were called Fynske og smålandske registre

Handwritten name indexes have been made for both supplikprotokoller and registre. Documents are sorted by case number and year.

Most of these records have been imaged and are available at Arkivalieronline. The records for Denmark were filed at Danske Kancelli (the Danish Chancery), so the images at Arkivalieronline are under Danske Kancelli.

Source Reference:
The image at the top shows a photo of a painting of King Christian V of Denmark, painted by Jacques d'Agar; see Wikimedia Commons (https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18276190 : accessed 20 April 2022), entry for "Christian V (1646-1699)", uploaded by user Elias223, license: CC BY-SA 3.0.

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