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Biographies in a Danish 18th Century Church Book

Lene Dræby Kottal
Biographies in a Danish 18th Century Church Book

The parish clerk for Egtved Parish, Denmark, wrote short biographies of deceased parishioners in the church book from 1767-1789. When I come across something like this, I wish some of my ancestors were mentioned there. That is not the case here, but I still want to share an example of a biography, which this clerk wrote for a deceased person.

Year 1768. At St. John's Day held [burial] service over Jesper Sørensen of Tudved. Born there 1679 and christened 22nd Sunday after Trinity. Father Søren Jespersen, mother Dorret Sørensdatter, deceased. At home until the father passed on the farm, then married to Anne Jacobsdatter of Starup 1718; had 10 children together, 4 sons and 6 daughters; 2 sons died and 1 daughter. Widower since 14 days before Christmas 1741, then given up the farm to his son and remained with him until his death. Sick since Christmas and bedridden since last Whitsun holidays. Service [the Holy Communion] in bed and prayed for. Died last Sunday morning shortly before sunrise. 89 years old except for some months, weeks, and days. [Punctuation added for clarity.]

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