Book a free planning call for a customized genealogical research project

Let me help you with your family history research by booking a free planning call, so we can discuss your wishes and what you already know about the subject. When you book the call, you must confirm that you have read and accept my terms of service and my privacy policy. If you have not read them, yet, please do it before continuing the booking process.

You are not obliged to make any payment until we have reached an agreement about a research project. However, I will not answer any research questions during the planning call, so you should not book a call unless you are interested in hiring a professional genealogist.

Some research projects cannot be executed at the moment, because all Danish archives are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we can still plan your research project. Furthermore, some of the sources needed for your project may be available online, so depending on the project I might be able to start now and finish when the archives reopen. I expect high activity levels as soon as the archives reopen. If you have already approved a contract with me, your project has priority, when the archives reopen.